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Positive Affirmation
The Power of Healing Through Music and Guided Meditation
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“Music has an immense therapeutic value,” affirms Maria Lujan de Peralta, a native of Argentina. She maintains music can help heal both the emotions and the physical body in a multitude of ways.

As an expert astrologer and tarot reader, experienced spiritual and psychic healer (Curandera), and accomplished musician, Maria Lujan employs an accessible, integrated approach to help her clients heal emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments. Her unique approach helps to heal depression, anxiety, low-self esteem, troubled relationships, and bad-habits. In addition, she can help guide clients through profound spiritual journeys. Equally important, Maria Lujan teaches clients to unleash their own creativity that work, home, or school environments have blocked over time.

Maria Lujan views the body, mind, and soul as an integrated instrument that needs compassionate, periodic tuning to maintain its optimum performance. When one is “in-tune,” one experiences a feeling of harmony, energy, calmness, positive thoughts, and a sense of well-being. When one’s instrument is “out-of-tune,” one experiences the sensations of an uncomfortable sense of being stuck, resulting in any or all of the following feelings: dissonance, fatigue, stress, negative thoughts, isolation, frustration and confusion.

Maria Lujan attributes many physical and emotional problems to energy blockages occurring at our subconscious level. She believes the blockages are formed by the repetition of negative thoughts planted throughout many lifetimes. Certain thought-patterns become automatic, like internal audio-tapes playing on a continual loop. Fortunately, energy blockages and negative thoughts are usually reversible.

Maria Lujan believes music can be used to start clearing a pathway to the door of the subconscious. Once the door to the subconscious is open, guided meditation is able to play a key role in tuning our instrument, by making a new subconscious "recording" that encourages self-affirmation, positive thoughts, and helps relax compulsions.

Another inter-related cause of blockages is subconscious resistance to change. It is common that whenever one experiences change, one encounters a measure of challenge, or resistance. Maria Lujan explains that often times an outside stimulation, or adjustment, is needed to free energy flow. If no activation occurs, the energy will remain stuck. Maria Lujan employs musical tones and guided meditation to stimulate and revive stagnant energies.

The method described below describes the tuning of one’s own instrument so the body can heal itself; it is the process of emotional, spiritual, and physical alignment. Healing with tone and positive self-affirmations (guided meditation) can teach the client to transmute their own old emotional patterns and to reach inner and outer harmony. It is a valuable skill that clients can learn and practice to counter-act the stress of this world.

What to expect during your healing sessions?  Maria Lujan greets you with a comforting, warm presence. She understands that the road to healing is an interactive process between the client and herself and customizes her approach according to her client’s needs and desires.

In an effort to meet her client’s needs, Maria Lujan gives her clients the choice of starting with a comprehensive reading that can include: astrological charts, palmistry, tarot, and clairvoyant readings and starts the relaxation process to assist in the achievement of the client’s goals.

If the client chooses to have a reading done in the first session, in the same session and or in future sessions, Maria Lujan begins using guided meditation and sound to align and energize the chakras. This process is most helpful in unblocking resistance to change and can be applied to most situations.

Maria Lujan believes that the healer is only the escort who directs and leads her client through a guided meditation. When guided meditation, and music are used in healing, the voice of the healer, the colors of the room, the spirit and energy of the moment are integrated. As the subconscious responds to the healer's affirmative suggestions, the music can also act as a key to open the door to acceptance. However, the playing of music is optional.
As a formally trained musician, Maria Lujan understands and believes in the regenerative correlation of music to the emotions. Using sound and guided meditation, she helps induce a state of well-being, as well as stimulating and unleashing the energy flow or “Chi” in her clients, promoting healing. Given the results of the use of both, Maria Lujan is aware that many cultures also believe that musical tones are healing when produced with harmony, love and compassion. =

In eastern philosophy and medicine, energy or “Life Force” is called Chi, Ki or Prana.  In a healthy, integrated body, chi energy moves unrestricted. Kundalini is the energy that deals with the central channel of the spine directly, or the chakras. Whereas Chi energy is all pervading, Kundalini energy, when activated, is able to move through the chakras, or spiritual centers. When this energy enters the body, it does not shoot up in a straight line, rather, ascending from the first chakra to the seventh, at each stage of its unfolding, unties the knots of different energies. Therefore, the image of a snake’s fluid movement through the seven chakras represents the ideal flow of Kundalini. However, in some cases, this energy can be lost while moving through the chakras, and this is where emotional blockages are experienced.

Maria Lujan Peralta
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