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Spiritual Ritual Arts and Healing
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Gift Certificates

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The traditional culture is rich in folk medical lore and practices. Folk medicine (Curanderismo) has historical foundations in ancient Greece and was revised during the Spanish Renaissance by consulting Latin translations of Galen and Hippocrates on the art of healing. Other beliefs and practices that have influenced Curanderismo have been medieval and European witchcraft Arabic medicine and health practices, Judeo-Christian religious beliefs (symbols and rituals), Native American and European herbal lore and health practices, modern beliefs about spiritualism and psychic phenomena, scientific medicine, and the Bible.

Most curandero, though healing is their livelihood, do not charge money, but accept donations or gifts. The verb“curar” means to heal. Curanderismo can be called “holistic” or “folk” healing and is executed by a curandero (male) or curandera (female).

There are three levels of Curanderismo: The material, the spiritual, and the mental.

1) The material emphasizes objects such as candles, oils and herbs.
2)  The spiritual embraces a psychic medium through which a healing takes place.
3) The mental focuses on psychic healing.

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