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Voice Classes

"By being a teacher, I am my first student"

Maria Lujan de Peralta of Psychic Eyes and Music actively participates in both individual and group class instruction.

Individual classes are offered for voice, music and the spanish language.  All individual classes are scheduled by Maria Lujan.

Private Individual and Public Group Voice Lessons

Maria Lujan de Peralta has more than 25 years of experience teaching and performing internationally and locally.  She has studied with professors from Argentina, including Otilia Armas, in Argentina, and Marianne Weltmann, in Seattle, Washington, USA.
Her voice lessons cover a range of techniques.  Students can expect to learn to:

How to breathe properly.
Identify your range.
Develop a basic vocal technique and style.
Experience a variety of vocal exercises with many fun songs in a variety of easy styles.
Relax and become more comfortable singing.

Whatever your interest, she will use the most effective approach to achieve your unique musical goals.  No experience is needed.  The class is enjoyable and relaxed.  Most of all, we will develop the confidence that a beginning student needs.

rior experience is not important.  Students do not need to be able to read music. Anyone has the ability to sing.

Lessons can be conducted on a private basis per individual, or as a group through the Experimental College, Associated Students of the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.
Group classes are available at the ASUW Experimental College, Associated Students of the University of Washington.  Register online at
Class Offered:  Beginning Voice Lessons, Course # 2439
For those who want to improve their singing.  Voice exercises, proper breathing technique and knowledge of different muscles involved in production of tone are emphasized.  Lots of fun songs of all styles, including Italian, where the language’s pure vowel sounds make singing easier.  Teacher has a Bachelors of Music degree and 34 years of experience.  

Major credit cards accepted.  

Location:  Seattle, Northgate Area and the University of Washington.
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Maria Lujan Peralta
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